Fire and Water Tanks

PCIB Group produce cost effective modular bolted Panel Tanks of standard or custom design, both round and rectangular. We offer a complete water storage solution for any application, environment or remote location.
1.jpgTanks comprise of prefabricated steel panels sealed and bolted together. Liners are available in a range of PVC and reinforced Elvaloy materials.
All tank pipe work penetrations are designed to client requirements.
These tanks are suitable for class A water storage, waste water, fire systems storage, building usage applications, agriculture, aquaculture, mining, process and trade waste.

2.jpgPCIB Group is a registered builder and can quickly and easily supply foundations for their range of tanks or can be designed as per site requirements
Round Bolted Panel Tanks - Our tank is a contemporary lap-jointed design with no internal ledges for fluid retention. Their ease of transportation and assembly makes them popular around the globe. A 5 million litre tank fits in a standard container.
Square Bolted Panel Tanks - The tanks modular construction and bolted design lends itself to speedy production and reduced lead times. The panels nest within themselves and the system is perfect for delivery to remote hard to reach locations and can be erected in tight plant rooms. The tanks can also be built off-site and crane lifted onto the top of a building to provide elevated storage.