PCIB Group is proud of its versatile, innovative and “nothing is too hard” approach. As a result of a strong focus on fulfilling a customer’s needs, PCIB Group's turnover traditionally has been derived from repeat business and referrals by satisfied customers.

industrial.jpgCommercial and Retail

Reatils, Public Buildings, Medical Centres, new works or renovations, PCIB Group's detailed planning and focus on public safety ensure smooth delivery of the project.





panel.jpgResidential Homes

Residential Homes for home owner or developer. PCIB Group strive for excellance and take great pride in the projects we hanle for our valued clients.

civil.jpgCivil, Marine and Mining

Concrete and steel structures, Roadworks, Bridgeworks, Marine works, Accomodation camps, local or in remote locations, PCIB Group’s key staff have the track record.